We build IT startups in Münster, Germany


  • The world's first COBOL to Java Transformation as a Service, enabling accelerated Legacy Modernization. Even today, 70 % percent of all business transactions run through COBOL, a programming language introduced in 1959.


  • Pioneering Conversational Loyalty Marketing for Brands based on AI-powered multichannel chatbots. Conversational interfaces are preferred by consumers as messaging apps have surpassed social media usage and voice platforms grow triple digits.

We believe in open source and encourage our team to contribute and maintain open source projects. Check out our open source projects on GitHub.

Tensorflow Art Classifier

Artists develop their own style and this deep neural network finds commonalities. Upload a picture and see whose style it matches. Our artwork classifier for image recognition is based on a Tensorflow deep neural network. In this implementation we apply the brand new Tensoflow APIs for layers and estimators.

Inception-v3 API

Inception is a leading pre-trained deep neural network for image classification. We offer a restful JSON API for the Inception-v3 deep neural network for object classification based on Keras. It can be deployed to Heroku and loads a pre-trained ImageNet model.

It's our vision to build great businesses based on high quality software. Learn about our core values that guide our work.


We work closely with universities to take results of scientific research, especially advances in machine learning, to practical application in business. We offer topics for Bachelor and Master theses and support talented students in their work.


We love software, we love coding. We consider software engineering a craft and develop clean code. Our key driver is creating value for businesses and users through great software.


We believe in letting people grow by offering opportunities and support. We are open for people from different backgrounds and beliefs. We encourage open source contributions to let everyone build up a reputation. We work with partners that share our vision.


There are endless options in the field of tech startups. We chose the ones we care about and tend to do things that are hard. We take risks, but only for good reason. We look for employees, co-founders, partner and customers that share our passion. Let's start!
If you are interested in our portfolio and respect our values, we'd love to hear from you. We are looking for investors that want to build a personal relationship and support our startups not only with financial backing but also their expertise and their network.
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Do you have a great idea for a tech startup and look for an enabler to build the product and take it to the market? Look not further and get in touch. We evaluate every interesting idea in a workshop with a best-of-breed selection of methods.
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